Karishma Shah

MS Exercise Science - Middwestern University
Fall 2014

I started my advising with IAES since I was preparing for GRE. One of my friends referred me to them. He was very positive and persuasive about them and I could see it when I met them the first time. I started my advising with them from September 2013. I had been to various other consultancies before I decided to go with IAES. Everybody on the team is very active, fun and easy to work with. They are excellent at what they do. It was a pleasure chatting with them. I used to visit their office on weekly basis. From the process of selecting the universities to reach there, they were always there to guide. The team made sure you never miss a deadline and your application had everything on file that was needed before you send it. They were always there to answer any questions and any help that I need. IAES becomes like a family where you have so amazing people to guide you and there are other students who are going through the same process as you. Many of us are now in different parts of USA but we are still in touch with each other and there for each other whenever needed.

Viranchi Patel

MPH - Tulane University
Fall 2014

I decided to pursue Master of Public Health degree in the USA after medical graduation. IAES Ahmedabad stood by me at each step of the process. They helped me sort out right universities. The positive and friendly environment at IAES made me feel like home. I will always be grateful to IAES Ahmedabad team for helping me out when I felt overwhelmed with the complex process of application. I recommend IAES Ahmedabad to anyone who is applying for admission to US Universities and preparing for student visa application. IAES Ahmedabad team has knowledge and resources to help you out in this process.

Hitesh Devani

MPH - University of North Texas
Fall 2014

My colleague introduced to the IAES Ahmedabad for the MPH program application in the US. I am very pleased to recommend this institute to everyone dreaming about higher education in the States. I had all the pleasant experiences with the staff, they were prudent, energetic and knowledge with tremendous experience. They charged the least amount of fees as compared to the others and provided an authentic guidance to me. The biggest matter is they are a non-profit organization and they know all the information related to the EducationUSA. I can’t imagine the better place to go for the guidance and trust. I find their way of working with student extremely useful in further life as a student in the USA. GO for IAES!

Poojan Shah

MS Computer Science - New York University
Fall 2015

First of all thank you for giving me this opportunity. I graduated in May 2017 with a masters degree in computer science from NYU and now working here in New York. I am really grateful for all the support and guidance the team gave me throughout the process. Whether it was the application process and finalizing the university, I got required help at each stage. This wouldn't have been possible for me without that. Thanks again for everything!

Bansi Khajuria

MS Environmental Engineering - Texas A&M University
Fall 2017

Last year, just like thousands of other US aspirants, I too was clueless about how to evaluate my profile, and select the select the range of universities to be applied and so on. IAES, Ahmedabad proved to be the silver lining on that cloud by not only providing me with the assistance I needed but empowering me to take my decisions and not just being spoon fed. They aptly selected the universities which would suit my profile and here I am! Landed in the top 10 universities in the USA! Their interactive sessions on a potpourri of aspects gave me a better insight into the American culture and how do we have to embrace it. I wish IAES, Ahmedabad keeps working hard for the betterment of incoming students and keep being that guiding light for students!

Vatsal Choksi

MS Elecrical - CSU Sacramento
Spring 2014

I came to the United States in 2013 Dec end.  I joined IAES for the application and visa interview purpose. In my experience, it was one of the nicest things that happened to me. They took care of me and my fellow students. I had great interaction with Jaydeepbhai and Dharaben. They helped me thoroughly for the application process. I remember financially also IAES was much better compared to other institutions available in Ahmedabad back in 2013. I recommend IAES to guys who are willing to learn things quickly. IAES will provide guidance as they should, rest we need to do it ourselves. They really have been doing things for quite some time and hence one can really rely on them based on the experience they have.

Bhavya Patel

MS Computer Science - CSU Long Beach
Fall 2017

When I first walked into IAES, I never expected that people would be so helpful. Once the process started, from selecting colleges to mock visa interviews, I have received a lot of help from everyone. All the seminars organized by IAES and personal interaction with college representatives were really very helpful. Special thanks to Janet ma’am for handling my silly queries and being there for me whenever I needed her help. Thank you IAES and Janet ma’am for all your guidance and support.

Parth Bhavsar

Master in Information System - Texas A&M University
Fall 2017

"It has been one hell of a ride for planning my master's from the USA, and IAES played a vital role in assuring that it was a joyous and a successful one. After making the decision of pursuing my master's from abroad, I was as confused as a bee trying to get nectar from the sun to look for the right university from the wide range of universities. And this is where the precise guidance of the experienced members of IAES came into play. It was my best friend who recommended me to consult IAES for proper guidelines and I cannot thank him enough for making me choose the best in the business. IAES has guided me amazingly well right from short-listing the universities to choosing the right university for admission to preparing for the USA Visa. Also, all the seminars conducted by IAES have groomed me well in various aspects of the preparations. I shall always be indebted to the organization and its members, especially Janet Turner, for their constant support. Thank you IAES for playing a vital role in shaping my career."

Radhika Bhagat

MS Computer Science - New Jersey Institute of Technology
Fall 2017

It has been a pleasure being a part of Indo American Education Society. Right from the advice needed for Gre to finalizing the universities and going for a visa, Indo American has been a great support and an encouragement as well. I received all the advice I needed, whenever I needed. All the seminars were some way or the other useful and taught something new which would be useful to me in the United States. Everyone here helped me as well as cleared every doubt or question my parents had. I would like to heartily thank all the staff members- Janet Mam, Dhara Mam, Jaydeep sir of Indo American Education Society for the constant support provided to me during the entire process. Thanking you for making my American dream true.

Twisha Thakore

MS Industial/Orginazional Physchology - University of Maryland Baltimore County
Fall 2017

IAES happened to me as a Guardian angel when I couldn't put together my pieces of shattered dreams after being cheated by a consultancy. Jaydeep sir was the light of hope and perseverance to me, Dhara ma'am made me believe in karma and that no obstacle is big enough when I am destined to achieve for which I had put my heart and soul into. This organization consists of people that excel in shaping dreams, are with you physically and on phones (literally) at every step, making thwarts look like dust that can be blown off easily and most importantly, they guide you like family because they are experts in their field of knowledge. IAES is an experience that only blessed get to experience and I am glad it happened to me.

Keshav Parikh

MS Environmental Engineering - University of Florida
Fall 2016

When I decided to pursue Masters from the US, I roamed around the streets of Ahmedabad to find a consultancy that would support my dream of getting into a reputable institution. I interviewed a lot of consultancies about how they approach the process and help students to get into a university in the US. After going through the tiring process of going into each consultancy and repeating the same questions, I knew that IAES was the one for me.

I would particularly like to stress the diligent efforts that IAES takes before even applying to a university. I believe that this institution is one of a kind because it requires students to investigate institutes based on your needs, unlike others which promote applying to universities that provide them commissions for every student application. Researching beforehand enabled me to have a clear vision about the universities that I’m applying which ultimately helped me during my visa process. Not only it was an educating experience during the time I spent there but it was also fun with the various interactive events they held for the students there. I actively refer IAES to whoever asks me about education consultancies in Ahmedabad.

Heet Shah

MS Computer Science - University of Southern California
Fall 2017

To be honest, I was very reluctant at first about going for a consultancy for my plan to pursue masters in the USA. It would be very wrong on my part if I don't admit the fact that I visited so many consultants in Ahmedabad as well as in Surat before going for IAES. The IAES team has at least one person specialized in every aspect of application process right from the resume and SOP reviewing to the final stages of Visa process which I felt is really nice. I was helped very well by the team, especially for the university selection and Visa application process. The advice on how to prepare financial documents and managing every single detail of it was really helpful. I think IAES has contributed equally to fulfil my dream to study in one of the best schools in USA. I am really thankful to IAES. Kudos to the team!

Yesha Joshi

MS Computer Science - Northeastern University
Spring 2017

I chose IAES because of a recommendation of a family friend and all she had to say was, “It’s settled then, you will go here only for you consulting.” And I did. Not being the in the city for the duration they helped me remotely and were really prompt in replying with calls and emails. I never really felt formal and there was always somebody to help me out with any sort of issues. They held seminars for financial help as well as about getting to know about life in the US by past students.

I am really glad I joined and I spread the word hands down.

Achint Sharma

MS Construction Project Management - University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Fall 2015

"My experience with IAES was amazing. IAES team was really helping and supporting all the time. The entire team helped me from the very starting of how to select the best universities according to my profile, how to write an efficient SOP and how to properly answer the questions asked in applications. My applications were always checked in time and my queries were always solved to my satisfaction. I would like to say thanks to IAES team for guiding me to get the best college in the USA"

Krunal Maheshwari

MS Computer Science - University of Texas-San Antonio
Fall 2016

Hello, My Name is Krunal Maheshwari and I am a master’s student of Computer Science in my last semester at University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).  I came in contact with Indo American Education Society (IAES) family in April 2016. They regularly arrange the events in which they call designated people from various universities so you have a chance to directly interact with those people. A candidate may have a chance to grab scholarship opportunities in those events. I remembered that I got application fee waiver at one university with $3000 Scholarship. So three cheers for them..!!

Nirali Thakker

MS Electrical Engineering - Arizona State University
Fall 2016

I had a great time at Indo American Education Society. Right from visiting for the very first time to writing LOR's, SOP's, searching for every little detail about the university, filling out applications, deciding university after admits and last but not the least the VISA sessions by the Consular Officers. IAES has been a very supportive organization for choosing the best university. They make sure that a student is aware of all the procedures and also helps the student walk through the whole process from scratch till the end. All in all, I had an awesome experience with IAES.

Viral Patel

MS Industrial Engineering - Northeastern University
Fall 2017

I still remember meeting to Jaydeep Sir for the first time with my list of 15 universities and becoming a member of IAES the same day!! All the team of IAES helped me at each and every step at my journey whether it is university selection or Pre Departure. I did never feel that they didn’t have the time or information to help students. Specifically, theirs Visa Information session and Pre-Departure sessions are the best to be part of. By being part of IAES, I have been in touch with many of seniors who were already studying in the US and take their guidance with reference to IAES. For me, I always considered the mentors as my friends and they had made sure that they are always reachable to the students. To conclude, I would like to say it is a one-stop solution to every MS aspirant’s problems. Thank you IAES team.