EdUSA Weekly Update March 11th, 2013 !

I. Financial Aid

UG : St. Catherine University EducationUSA Scholarships for Women

UG : St. Cloud State University Academic and Cultural Sharing Scholarships

UG : Adobe Foundation Creativity Scholarships

Grad : Chapman University Tuition Scholarships

Grad : San Francisco State University Fellowships

Grad : Chadron State College Academic Merit-Based Scholarships

II. Campus News

  • Beauty and Health Institute Participates in Student and Exchange Visitor Program
  • Syracuse University College of Law Now Accepting Interntional English Language Test Scores
  • University of Colorado Denver Offers New Architecture Degree
  • Northwestern Michigan College Now Offers Intensive English Program
  • Oklahoma Christian University Keeps Undergraduate Tuition Cost Unchanged for Second Year

I. Financial Aid


A dynamic university educating students to lead and influence, St. Catherine prepares students to make a difference in their professions, their communities and the world. At the University's heart is the largest, most innovative college for women in the nation. St. Kate's also offers a range of graduate and associate programs for women and men.

St. Catherine University offers an EducationUSA Scholarship worth $1,500 annually. This scholarship is awarded to female, bachelor’s degree-seeking international students in any major who submit a letter of recommendation from the EducationUSA adviser in their home country.

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In 1869, our first students came from neighboring farms and towns to learn how to teach Minnesota school children. Today's students, including more 1,000 international students from more than 80 nations, come seeking an affordable education to prepare them for a wide range of career choices. What they discover is a world of opportunities to explore new possibilities, new ideas and new perspectives to prepare them for life. Our 200 academic programs, 60 graduate degrees and education abroad choices on six continents emphasize hands-on learning through community engagement and close interaction with professors.

SCSU offers a unique opportunity for international students, through providing qualified international students with the Academic and Cultural Sharing Scholarship. This scholarship entitles the international student to pay resident tuition, which saves over $3,900 per year. Few public universities offer such a financial and cultural bonus to international students who might otherwise not be able to afford a U.S. education.

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The Adobe Foundation Creativity Scholarship program is now accepting applications. This new program provides financial support to students from around the world who have participated in Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) and will attend an accredited post-secondary degree or certificate program. The scholarship is intended to help AYV participants continue their education, pursue creative careers, and find innovative ways to improve their communities.

AYV is Adobe’s global Corporate Social Responsibility initiative focused on teaching youth from underserved communities the power of creative self-expression and global citizenship. The AYV network includes more than 800 sites in 52 countries. The application is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Hindi, Japanese, Kannada, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

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Academics at Chapman are more than just lectures, books and classrooms, and interdisciplinary is more than just a word. At Chapman, interdisciplinary means encouraging students to study abroad, actively fostering research and collaboration between faculty and students and structuring our general education program to allow students to explore all of their passions. Students at Chapman learn directly from distinguished world-class faculty including Nobel Prize winners, MacArthur fellows, published authors and Academy Award winners. Our small classes and close faculty relationships lead to a robust exchange of ideas and innovations that shape global leaders in the arts, sciences, humanities and beyond.

The College of Educational Studies announces the Master of Arts in Leadership Development, a pioneering degree program that can be completed in 15-24 months. It will be taught by exceptionally devoted and qualified faculty, who are signaling our recognition that leadership depends on not just local but global knowledge, not just a focus on content and task outcomes, but on relationships and critical processes, not just on maintaining the status quo, but a capacity to be creative and innovative in driving purposeful and sustained change. Newly admitted students may be eligible for a scholarship, which reduces tuition costs up to 35% during your first year in the program.

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Founded in 1899 as a two-year teacher training college called San Francisco State Normal School, San Francisco State University today is a globally focused community of more than 30,000 students, faculty and staff. Graduates total more than 212,560. For more than 100 years, San Francisco State has played key roles in shaping our city and the surrounding Bay Area. This is an institution driven by a commitment to student success and a commitment to our local and global communities.

The Academic Honors and Fellowships Advisor is available to assist graduate students and recent alumni in applying for nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships, as well as system-wide scholarships and fellowships offered by CSU. The opportunities provided by these fellowships include generous funding for graduate studies, as well as research experience and prestigious internships in the U.S. and abroad. Successful applicants will have strong records of academic or artistic achievement, leadership, and public service activities.

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As a public institution with its roots in teacher education, Chadron State takes pride in its accessibility. The curriculum has grown to offer programs and courses in 65 majors and endorsements and eight master’s degree programs. The five bachelor’s degree programs attracting the most students are business administration, education, biology-health sciences, justice studies and rangeland management. Chadron State’s approach of offering a top quality education for a reasonable cost has helped improve the lives of countless graduates, many who were the first in their families to attend college. Alumni from near and afar testify that Chadron State was a major factor in their success and is responsible for the best years of their lives.

To be eligible for an academic merit-based scholarship, graduate students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 for all previous work attempted at all colleges attended prior to their enrollment at Chadron State College. Students will continue to receive the scholarship as long as they maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher. Once Chadron State College receives an applicant’s admission application, supporting documentation, and official transcripts, college personnel will review the materials to determine applicant’s eligibility for the scholarship. Applicant’s do not need to apply for the Non-resident Scholars Program. Qualified applicants will be awarded the scholarship automatically and informed by mail and/or email.

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II. Campus News


Located in Lexington Plaza in Tampa’s fast-growing Westchase District, the Beauty and Health Institute is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education and licensed by the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education. Beauty and Health Institute specializes in training students in electrolysis, laser hair removal, medical aesthetics, massage therapy, facial/skin care, permanent makeup, and lymphology. Our instructors are highly qualified, experienced professionals who educate and train students to excel in their field of study, while utilizing the latest industry techniques in the classroom.

The Institute is now participating in the Student and Exchange Visitor Program, offering short and inexpensive courses that teach in the growing industry of Medical and Cosmetic procedures!

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At Syracuse University College of Law, we are committed to assist each student admitted to our community. We have designed programs to counsel and mentor you. We recognize that undertaking your legal education represents a significant investment of your time, intellect and resources, and we want to ensure that you are engaged by your academic and professional environment. Law graduates are distinctly capable of engaging the issues most critical to any community. Through our academic program, our interdisciplinary and joint degree opportunities, our skills training and volunteer network, you will have the grounding to build your professional platform. And with the help of faculty and staff who care, you will succeed.

Syracuse University College of Law is pleased to announce that it is now accepting IELTS (Interntional English Language Test Scores) scores for non-native English speakers applying to our J.D. and LL.M. programs.

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For the first time ever in Denver, undergraduate students will be able to earn a degree in architecture—thanks to the brand-new Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BS Arch) degree now offered from CU Denver’s College of Architecture and Planning (CAP). CAP at CU Denver is now the only college in Colorado offering comprehensive degrees in design and planning of the built environment, from undergraduate through accredited professional master’s degrees to the doctorate. The college offers instruction in architecture, landscape architecture, urban and regional planning, urban design and historic preservation.

The discipline of design and its fields of architecture, planning, landscape architecture and environmental conservation/preservation deal with formulating solutions to many of the problems people face in their homes, communities, cities and geographic regions. Architecture focuses on the design of buildings and the spaces between buildings, while planning is concerned with the larger scale of neighborhoods, cities and regions. Landscape architecture and environmental conservation/preservation focus on both of these scales.

The architects, landscape architects, urban designers, and planners of today’s successful firms work in multi-disciplinary teams. The College of Architecture and Planning (CAP) follows this approach with an Integrative Design vision. Your study path exposes you to a variety of disciplines while allowing you to choose an area of emphasis and explore your personal interests.

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Students wishing to improve their English skills and pursue a bachelor's degree in the U.S. can now come to Northwestern Michigan College. Offering English as a second language courses at a low cost, NMC is an excellent place to start your education in the United States.

We are now accepting applications for the fall 2013 semester for this program and will consider students with all TOEFL scores for this program. Courses for the intensive English program will include English Reading & Vocabulary, Writing & Grammar, Listening, Speaking & Pronunciation, as well as courses toward you major or program of study. Submit your application online before July 15, 2013.

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OC’s close-knit community creates a culture where students, faculty and staff go the extra mile for each other. Our knowledgeable professors teach from a Christian worldview and are fiercely dedicated to high standards of scholarship. But their commitment to students goes beyond the classroom. Their office doors are open, and you’ll see them side by side with students at daily Chapel, in the cafeteria, at games against our NCAA Division II rivals, and on summer mission trips.

Oklahoma Christian University (OC) officials announced today that undergraduate tuition will not increase for the 2013-14 academic year. OC's undergraduate tuition will remain $18,800 for students taking up to 17 hours per semester. Average room and board costs also will stay the same for a total price of $24,975. Oklahoma Christian also is continuing its policy of not charging student fees. OC also awards international students: Academic Scholarships based on SAT / ACT scores, International Student Scholarships, Departmental scholarships.

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