Undergraduate Applicants

Shivam Agarwal
BS Computer Science- Georgia Tech

My experience of working with IAES has been great. When I first contacted IAES, I was clueless about the application process and was unable to decide upon the colleges to apply for. I was guided well by Kamya Ma'am in selecting of my colleges. She gave me no false hopes and was very practical yet encouraging in her approach. She was always available to help me whenever I needed some assistance in my application procedure. She helped me edit my essays and write my LORs. Dhara ma'am also has been of great help by reviewing my applications before I submitted them. Even after the application procedure, Kamya ma'am was there to help me choose which universities to join. Even though I felt apprehensive in talking to her initially because I was always finishing the application just before the deadline, she was always friendly.The library at IAES was also very resourceful. It had information about various universities, scholarships. I'm really grateful to Kamya ma'am and IAES for all their help.

Thank You.


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