Our Services

IAESEducationUSA Ahmedabad caters to the requirements of the visitors/members by providing Extensive services to them. These services are:-

  • The center Maintains up-to-date library of reference books/materials, Test Preparation Material from various publications, WiFi access and computer lab with a good speed internet connection.
  • Adheres to Principles of Ethical Advising and Guidelines on Commercial Agents
  • Center offers advising staff with college degree (equivalent to US Bachelor's degree). U.S. experience (education or work) preferred.
  • Center advising staff is proficient in spoken and written English.
  • Offers individual advising along with Career counseling
  • Offers group advising
  • Provides information on financial aid
  • Advising facilities and services accessible over more than 30 hours per week
  • Offers pre-departure information/orientations
  • Center serves as liaison with Public Affairs Sections of U.S. embassies & consulates, local government and other organizations
  • Center provides virtual consulting - basic and in-depth via Skype and Facebook
  • Center offers computers with internet access for visitors
  • Participates in college fairs, hosting EducationUSA booth
  • Organizes college fairs
  • Center has access to video conferencing equipment e.g. internet-based
  • Offers workshops on special topics
  • Organizes/participates in alumni group activities
  • Center is fully equipped (photocopier, printer, TV/DVD, LCD projector)
  • Offers advising through email, web-based, social media, instant messenger, etc.
  • IAES also administers SAT1, SAT2, ACT and TOEFL examinations. We assist you in registration of these exams as well.

Apart from the services mentioned above, Members avail special privileges that are mentioned under the Membership Section.

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